Sunday, January 18, 2009


Tea was already on the table when pirate start telling his story...
"It was 20 years ago. I was very young pirate at that time and i didn't know almost anything about them. I only heard some stories from older people about how beautiful they are and how dangerous they can be for good, honest pirate. Of course i knew that they could change their shape into a girl and go to city for fun, that they love chocolate,sunsets and pirates who smell on fish, that they are cute but little bit stubborn, that their eyes are shining, that they can speak with dolphins and all other things everyone knows about mermaids. But more or less that was all."

I really loved that part about pirates who smell on fish.
Of course i didn't tell him anything... I wasn't stupid to interrupt pirate...

"Other young pirates and me, we were spending summer on one, small, secret, almost empty, island; learning and practice all necessary things that any successful, young pirate must know: swimming, diving, fishing, watching the stars, smoking, drinking smelly wine... you know... just normal simple pirates things.
"And then"- he make a short brake - "It happened to me something strange... A MIRACLE!." Pirate closed his eyes, like people usually do when they are trying to remember something what happened long time ago...
"I remember it was very hot, just few days before full moon. The sea was peaceful. We were sitting all together, playing and singing favorites pirate's songs.-"
Suddenly, he start laughing again.
-"Ha ha! You know... mermaid think i am listening very "old" music??? He he! Those mermaids... they are funny sometimes."
Of course, how could i tell him .... i mean you know already...
Luckily he didn't insist on my comment about his music taste. Instead he was already back into the story.
-"Party was becoming louder and more and more people were coming and joining us. Among many of them also comes one girl. She was coming somewhere from northern seas. I don't lie when i say that there was no difference between her eyes and clear ocean under sunny day; and i swear in thousand of shark's tooth that she was beautiful as a pearl.
-Until today i don't know why, but that night some magical power push me and i decided to show her secret lake..A good pirate should never show to anyone any secret place, specially not to some "girl"; but that night i did it."
He took out tobacco bag from his pocket and he rolled a cigarette. After few long smokes he continue telling his story.


AllHandsOnDeck said...

"Eh, that night was long for me."
- he started again with the hand on his forehead -
"was a long walk as well, but i swore to have seen a glove of light changing color surrounding her linen shirt from time to time. Just like the squirrel fish changes the color of her scales, when she doesn't want to be exposed to the strange eye look"
- And I remembered working with Dietrich C. Smith when he was telling me of the mermaids changing colors off the shores of Bermuda islands -
"She was changing her path always to keep in the corner of my eyesight. But than again, it was close to a night of the full moon rising, there ware sparks everywhere, i was fairly loaded with rum, i was young and foolish not to recognize her, otherwise i would have had some salt to her fins just to keep her with me a while longer. At the time I taught she knew all the songs that we ware playing throughout the night"
- I couldn't help myself in saying the songs are so old that even the pigeons know them by now, but he continued -
"Never stuck me that she would have known what’s on our minds before we spoke the thing out. That's why she didn't like pissed off drunken pirates; the minds come all blurry for them, you know. Maybe I was handling buzz and my thoughts together well at the time or I guess she was making an exception. Perhaps she fancied the smell of fish since i was rocking in the boat with the nets all afternoon." - he stopped as he was thinkig about it, finally said -
“Yeap, but i need her to remember me by something, they have strange memory of their place appearance, you know, it's all fun for them, they don't have the sense of time passing, their timing is not by my clock," – showing me his old watch –
"It's from time to time, that's why I need those old songs, so she'll remember me by them.”
- than he stopped talking as he must have seen me lifting an eyebrow when he mention the songs, took a long breath and said –
“You must be crazy as well, you do know how many old pirates the world has out there, don’t you?”

sea gull said...

There is only one, unique pirate, and he can hold a cup of tea in his right and the mermaid with his left hand... and if you ever had a chance to chat with this pirate, there's no way you'll forget it... I think the world has many old mermaids out there, as much as old pirates, but we are not talking about quantity... are we?...

mad man said...

Yo ho and a bottle of rum ,,,,and maybe not in person sure our souls have spoken