Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I need to admit that pirate’s story makes big impression on me and i become really curious to hear what happened 20 years ago with girl from northern seas, about mysterious butterflies and what is his prove that mermaids exist.

Even i came early pirate was already there. He was reading newspapers and i notice that his face looks very serious.
When i whished him good day he looked at me for a moment completely astonished.
-“ Good day??? Did you just say “good day”???”
-“ Yes… Why? Something wrong ?”
-“He he, listen to him”- pirate added ironically and repeated my words, -“something wrong”?
- Everything is wrong! I don’t see even one small good thing today and i don’t want to think what will be in the future. Do you ever read newspapers?”
-“Sometimes”.- i replied still not understanding his point.
-“Then how you can wish me good day? Just look this news!!! You don’t know witch one is worst: wars everywhere, Oceans are poisoned, nature is dieing, money talk so loud and you wish me “good day?” And after people say pirate is crazy!!! This world is crazy, not me.”
-“ Ohhh, just to catch my mermaid... Believe me, when i catch her, i will find boat and we will run away from this craziness and never come back.”
-“ May i ask you where you will take her?”
His mood change very quickly when he started describing.
-“I will bring her to wonderful place, a paradise. Directly to the sunny side of the life. It s one secret island. Very few pirates know about. It’s very far. Beyond the last borders, where Ocean takes from sky and the Sun smile to the earth. Most of pirates believe that place exist only in the stories, but it s not true. Many years ago i discovered it when i was searching for answers about butterflies. I whish my mermaid was there with me. She would love that place. We could swim together and feed thousands of colorful fishes with small bananas on the reef. There is so many of them that they eat bananas directly from your hand. Can you imagine? But one day she will be there with me. I know she will… and then i will kiss her like i never did before and i don’t care about butterflies because we will be happy.”

-I didn’t want to make any comment about fishes that eat small bananas from hand even it sound little bit like “pirates stories”, but if you looked pirate’s face in that moment you could see that in his thoughts he is really there, on that secret island with his mermaid feeding fishes, feeling happy.
After few seconds of silence he come back from his dreams and continue:
-“But let me first finish the story about butterflies as i promised to you last night.”

Honestly, i couldn’t wait to hear the rest of the story but i didn’t dare to ask pirate anything because of his previous mood. He was so upset with news. I didn’t see him so upset since time he heard that some people kill dolphins.

“Sure, i am very curious to know more about those butterflies”
“How about some tea before we start?” he asked me trying to make na├»ve face.
Good old pirate. Of course how i could refuse him…

Sunday, January 25, 2009


To reach the lake you need to pass old windmill and to turn right. Then, just follow the path that will bring you near the pine forest. After 10 minutes of slow walk trough the forest you will see small, secret, salty lake.
All that time during walk i was looking only at her.
When we came near the lake, she just smile on me, take off her clothes and jumped to the water. She start swimming and millions of planktons were sparkling
around her. It looks she was swimming in the silver.
Sky full of stars, scent of pine trees and she, swimming in silver. The Moon was smiling only to us. Believe me, it was pure Magic!!!
Normally, i did the same and jumped to the lake. There is no any girl who can swim better then pirate, of course.
Surprisingly, instead she swim away or tried to hide under the water, like girls usually do, she comes closer looking at me with that beautiful eyes. There were blue as a peaceful ocean in sandy lagoon, shining and sparkling like rare gems.
Must be since then i m crazy about this small shining things. Wile other pirates prefer to grab money i'm searching only for this rare stones.
Suddenly, pirate start laughing.
-Hahahaha - you know - some people suggested me to change my life and to become jeweler - Hehe - Mister Pirate the Jeweler - Hahaha.
Then, he changed his voice trying to sound polite and noble:
-"May I help You Madame?
- Would you like this sapphire, or would You prefer something else?
- Maybe this ruby? If i can say, there is pure passion in that stone."
- Hahahaha- can you imagine? There are funny this people -
He really enjoyed performing this role.
Actually, he was the only one who believed it's stupid. Honestly speaking, pirate knows a lot about. Before he become crazy for mermaid he was one of the best. Of course after so many years of experience... but after this i also think it s really good joke. I mean "Pirate the Jeweler" - it' s funny even to think about.
He was still laughing when i remind him about his story.
-"Yes, yes, sorry but it's really so funny.
-Anyway, she comes near, looking at me with this sparkling eyes.
Even today i'm not sure what happened, but all that Magic makes me feel strange. Few more seconds near eachother and i couldn't resist anymore. That strange power pushed me to kiss her. I never did something like that before.
Then she kissed me, then i kissed her again and we continue kissing eachother for long long time.
Exactly at that moment, i felt for the first time those strange butterflies.
-"Butterflies? What butterflies???" i asked
-"Aha"- says pirate loudly.- " So you don’t know about butterflies?"
-"No...should i?"
-"Of course you don t know because you never kiss real mermaid. But if you did, you would know."
-"This is really strange. Can you tell me little bit more about???"
-"It s very difficult to explain.
In that time i didn't knew but today i know very well.
Those butterflies are actually strange and mysterious disease that you get when real mermaid kiss you. If they are specially beautiful, like my mermaid is, even one touch is enough to feel them."
-"Really? I never heard for something like that. Is it dangerous?"
-"It s not about. I am a pirate, i don't care if it's dangerous."-he sounded almost insulted. -
"But once you feel them you can not do anything against anymore. It doesn’t make you feel bad except you can not eat, you can not sleep and they are all the time in your stomach. Very quickly they hypnotized you and you think only about that mermaid."
-I see, so this is your prove that mermaids exist? This butterflies?
-No, of course not. This is just beginning of the story my friend, but it s already too late. We will continue tomorrow."

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Tea was already on the table when pirate start telling his story...
"It was 20 years ago. I was very young pirate at that time and i didn't know almost anything about them. I only heard some stories from older people about how beautiful they are and how dangerous they can be for good, honest pirate. Of course i knew that they could change their shape into a girl and go to city for fun, that they love chocolate,sunsets and pirates who smell on fish, that they are cute but little bit stubborn, that their eyes are shining, that they can speak with dolphins and all other things everyone knows about mermaids. But more or less that was all."

I really loved that part about pirates who smell on fish.
Of course i didn't tell him anything... I wasn't stupid to interrupt pirate...

"Other young pirates and me, we were spending summer on one, small, secret, almost empty, island; learning and practice all necessary things that any successful, young pirate must know: swimming, diving, fishing, watching the stars, smoking, drinking smelly wine... you know... just normal simple pirates things.
"And then"- he make a short brake - "It happened to me something strange... A MIRACLE!." Pirate closed his eyes, like people usually do when they are trying to remember something what happened long time ago...
"I remember it was very hot, just few days before full moon. The sea was peaceful. We were sitting all together, playing and singing favorites pirate's songs.-"
Suddenly, he start laughing again.
-"Ha ha! You know... mermaid think i am listening very "old" music??? He he! Those mermaids... they are funny sometimes."
Of course, how could i tell him .... i mean you know already...
Luckily he didn't insist on my comment about his music taste. Instead he was already back into the story.
-"Party was becoming louder and more and more people were coming and joining us. Among many of them also comes one girl. She was coming somewhere from northern seas. I don't lie when i say that there was no difference between her eyes and clear ocean under sunny day; and i swear in thousand of shark's tooth that she was beautiful as a pearl.
-Until today i don't know why, but that night some magical power push me and i decided to show her secret lake..A good pirate should never show to anyone any secret place, specially not to some "girl"; but that night i did it."
He took out tobacco bag from his pocket and he rolled a cigarette. After few long smokes he continue telling his story.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


"Most of you out there probably already know the strange and complicated story about crazy pirate and beautiful mermaid but just in case...
One drunk night the crazy old pirate was walking around when he suddenly spotted the most beautiful girl ever. She was slurping coconut, shining like a star. Pirate was impressed so much with her that he was absolutely sure that she is none else then the mermaid in persona.He fell in love... blah blah blah ...became romantic dreamer... his heart became softer... he began to act stupid... and all other treasures didn't interest him at all anymore... He was thinking only about mermaid. Of course, nobody believes him about her but he didn't care and he didn't t want to listen anyone. He swear that he cought her already two times, and that he never saw anyone so beautiful and special like she is..and so on....and so on. Anyway, mermaid like mermaid... she was coming and going, she even fall in love a little bit with pirate (that's what pirate say) and he..., he was becoming more and more crazy about her."

Now.. you will never believe me but yesterday i saw pirate. Yes, he is here, he still don't have boat but he was exalted when i saw him. Of course i couldn't t refuse to listen his story so i sit with him for a drink and i just couldn't believe it when pirate order tea pretending that everything is normal. When he noticed that i looked at him surprisingly he explain me:
"oh that... well.. you know... i stop drinking... I heard some stupid superstition that mermaids don't like drunk pirates. I know it s stupid but i don t want to risk."
"But listen"- he says,-" do you know who was here for new year ???"
Of course i knew that he will speak again about mermaid but i pretended that i don't have idea.
-"No, who???"- i v tried to make my face as naive as i could.
In one moment he changed his face from serious to romantic and funny one.
-"It was SHE". - he was almost singing. - "A Mermaid"-.
-"Poor, good, old pirate" - i thought to myself -"and he was sooo cool guy. Look at him, he see mermaid everywhere and he even don't drink anymore..."
But he continue without waiting a second,
-" And you know what???"
Then he look carefully first to the left side, then to the right and he secretly whispered hiding his mouth with hand
- "She is real, she exist"-
He was so happy, i could see tears in his eyes.
-" She was here... It was so cold that i catch her again. She stay seven days with me until she warm up again to run away. Beautiful seven days. But i will catch her again".
Even his face was redish, maybe even shy, and his view went far away looking at the sky and stars when he speak about mermaid, the last sentence he pronounce very confidently. I didn t saw pirate so serious for many many years.. Same as in good old times when he was one of the fastest pirates.
-"Does she tell you something?"
-"Pfffff, those mermaids... Can you imagine, she think that my trousers are silly. Hehe, those mermaids are funny sometimes" -he start laughing.
I couldn't be so cruel to tell him that his trousers are actually silly.
-"But listen" he continue - "This time i know more then ever that she is for real"
-"Really??? How does it come?" - i asked.
He smash the table with his hand and he proudly continue -"Because i have proof that mermaids exist."
-"Will you show it to me?"- I was becoming curious now.
-"It s a long story"-pirate says- "but i will tell you a story if you buy me another tea"
Of course, how could i refuse him.